Pokon – the market leader – introduces MPS certified potting soil in sustainable packaging

Frankfurt, 15 May 2017 – Pokon, the market leader in plant food and potting soils for the Dutch consumer market, has recently introduced a new, sustainable potting-soil concept. This concept’s distinguishing feature is that it consists largely of renewable raw materials. It also features organic fertilizer and bio-based packaging. All this has resulted in the fact that Pokon is the first Dutch company with the MPS certificate for potting soils!
The packaging bears the I’m green™ logo. Instead of film made entirely from fossil raw materials, no less than 40% of this packaging is based on plant-based raw materials (sugarcane). This packaging has a significantly lower environmental impact, is 100% recyclable, and is also suitable for storing compost-like products for long periods of time, without composting or breaking down itself. Over the next few years, the proportion of bio-based raw materials in use will increase still further. The final challenge, now and in the future, is to convince consumers that there is a sustainable alternative. A concept like that demands a great deal from everyone involved. The limited availability of good, renewable alternative raw materials, coupled with more expensive packaging, result in higher prices for consumers. If consumers are to be convinced about product distinctiveness and about making a sustainable choice, then effective communication on the store floor is crucial. Pokon has a longstanding reputation for compelling and distinctive presentations on the store floor. For this concept, too, the store presentation has been carefully fine-tuned, with a look that is in keeping with a naturally responsible choice. The concept has been received with great enthusiasm at the various trade fairs. This has resulted in a dense distribution network that services leading Dutch garden centres.
“Pokon Naturado the market leader in plant food and potting soils is not only introducing a new, sustainable potting-soil concept but also recognizing that the packaging can contribute to reducing its carbon footprint,” says Marco Jansen, Commercial Director Renewable Chemicals Europe & North America. “With this change, Pokon will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its packaging, the use of fossil resources without compromising on quality and recyclability. The production of I’m green™ Polyethylene contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. For every kg of I’m green™ Polyethylene used in Pokon’s plastic sleeves more than 4.5 kg of CO2 is saved. With this, Pokon shows one more success case where an already
sustainable product adds to its value proposition by shifting from conventional to renewable packaging.”
“With this, Pokon shows one more success case where a new sustainable concept in both product, certification by an independent organization and a superb point-of-sale presentation adds to its value proposition by shifting from fossil to renewable packaging,” says Ben Scheer, Manager Innovation and Sustainability at Pokon Naturado.
About Pokon
Pokon is the leading supplier of potting soils, fertilizers and grass seeds for the consumer market in the Netherlands. Pokon products are also exported to several countries over the world. Helping people to get the most out of their houseplants and their gardens is one of the main objectives. Pokon also provides many leading retailers with high quality private label products in the home and garden segment. Strong partnerships with retailers, innovation an sustainability are important factors in the success of the long history. Pokon, Since 1929.
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Braskem is the largest thermoplastic resins producer in the Americas, with annual production volume of over 20 million tons, which includes other chemical products and basic petrochemicals, with annual revenue of R$54 billion. Driven by its purpose of improving people’s lives and creating sustainable solutions in chemicals and plastics, Braskem is present in more than 70 countries, has around 8,000 team members and operates 41 industrial units in
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Marco Jansen, Commercial Director Renewable Chemicals Europe & North America – Braskem Europe GmbH; marco.jansen@braskem.com
Maite Lazo Muñoz, Marketing & Sales, Renewable Chemicals – Braskem Europe GmbH; maite.lazo@braskem.com

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