Nespresso – a coffee cup with a positive & sustainable impact

Nespresso – a coffee cup with a positive & sustainable impact
Frankfurt, 31 May 2017 – Nespresso, the renowned coffee brand, launched the Recycling@home project at the end of last year in Portugal, which allows used capsules to be more easily collected and recycled by providing a dedicated recycling bag for customers to exchange when they receive a Nespresso delivery. The company believes the scheme will significantly increase the collection of used capsules in addition to the already available network of 290 capsule recycling points, spread throughout the country, including boutiques and points of sale, among others. The collecting bags are made out of I’m green™ polyethylene (PE) – a material which responds to Nespresso’s commitment to reduce their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, Nespresso wants to focus it communication on recycling on the following main topics:

1. “Educate” – that aims to educate and promote a change of behavior of their clients in favor of the recycling and the valorization of resources.

2. “Make recycling easy” – which aims to facilitate and maximize the collection of used capsules, making recycling a simple and easy process for their customers.

3. “Creating value” – aims to create value-based projects with the community, involving civil society and private sectors to work in partnership, and to strengthen and accelerate sustainable development.

Nespresso sees a growing number of citizens becoming aware of what sustainability means, and is seeing consumers more interested in purchasing sustainable products, which alone is a good indicator of a growing motivation to separate and recycle. Nespresso believes that society will continue to evolve in this direction and that with education and awareness campaigns involving consumers, they are well on the way to achieving their commitment towards 100% collection and recycling capacity of its capsules by 2020.

By choosing recyclable I’m greenTM polyethylene, Nespresso will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its recycling bags. This is because I’m green™ polyethylene comes from sugarcane that absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere and therefore contributes to the reduction of
greenhouse gas emissions. Because polyethylene is usually made from oil, Braskem has in effect replaced fossil feedstock with a bio-based one. In 2015, Braskem commissioned an update of its LCA analysis of I’m greenTM polyethylene and the study concluded that for every kg of I’m green™ used, more than 4.5 kg of CO2 is saved compared to its fossil equivalent. The result is a high-quality recycling bag which is itself recyclable, and demonstrates Nespresso’s commitment to developing a circular bio-economy: creating material loops which rely on renewable resources.

“As for the use of I’m greenTM polyethylene for the recycling bags of our new project, we chose the material that best responds, in our view, to the commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, within the reality of the Waste management in Portugal”, says Stefano Goglio, Nespresso Portugal Market Director.

About Nespresso
Nestlé Nespresso SA is the pioneer and reference for highest-quality portioned coffee. The company works with more than 70,000 farmers in 12 countries through its AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program to embed sustainability practices on farms and the surrounding landscapes. Launched in 2003 in collaboration with The Rainforest Alliance, the program helps to improve the yield and quality of harvests, ensuring a sustainable supply of high quality coffee and improving livelihoods of farmers and their communities.
Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso operates in 69 countries and has more than 12,000 employees. In 2016, it operated a global retail network of more than 600 boutiques. For more information, visit the Nespresso corporate website:

About Braskem
Braskem is the largest thermoplastic resins producer in the Americas, with annual production volume of over 20 million tons, which includes other chemical products and basic petrochemicals, with annual revenue of R$54 billion. Driven by its purpose of improving people’s lives and creating sustainable solutions in chemicals and plastics, Braskem is present in more than 70 countries, has around 8,000 team members and operates 41 industrial units in Brazil, the United States, Germany and Mexico, the latter in partnership with the Mexican company Idesa.

For more information please contact:

Martin D. R. Clemesha, Technical Sales, Renewable Chemicals – Braskem Europe GmbH;
Maite Lazo Muñoz, Marketing & Sales, Renewable Chemicals – Braskem Europe GmbH;

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