Lawn product is greener with bioplastic packaging

Scotts Canada, a marketer of consumer lawn and garden and hydroponic growing products, has introduced its new Scotts Turf Builder with Root-Trients, packaged in Braskem’s I’m green™ Polyethylene. Scotts and Braskem partnered with flexible packaging provider Peel Plastic Products Ltd. to develop the new 4.33-kg bag.

Says Glenn Martin, Director of Marketing for Scotts Canada, “At Scotts, we see it as our responsibility to continually find ways to improve the environmental sustainability of our products and packaging. This partnership has allowed us to take another step in that direction, and we are proud to be the first in lawn and garden to bring this packaging to the market. It also complements our new turf Builder with Root-Trients formula, which combines our high-performance lawn food with rich, organic material in Scotts’ patented All-in-One Particle.”

Braskem’s I’m Green PE is a bio-based polymer made from ethanol, a renewable and sustainable resource produced from Brazilian sugarcane. According to the company, I’m green PE retains the same properties, performance, and application of fossil fuel-derived PE, making it a suitable drop-in substitute for oil-based PE. As Braskem explains, cultivation of sugarcane used in the production of I’m green PE captures CO2 and releases O2, which means its bioplastic has a negative carbon footprint. From a cradle-to-gate life-cycle perspective, every ton of I’m green PE used in the production of packaging equates to 3.09 tons of CO2 captured from the atmosphere.

Peel Plastics worked hand-in-hand with Scotts and Braskem to design, develop, and integrate the I’m green PE into a new packaging platform that maintains all the performance characteristics required, while delivering a more sustainable package.

Scotts Turf Builder with Root-Trients in the new packaging is available in Canada at major retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Rona, Home Hardware, Reno Depot, and TSC as well as a range of independent lawn and garden centers.