Braskem’s Green Plastic now in chairs released by Tramontina

Braskem’s Green Plastic will be used as raw material for Tramontina’s Jet and Paco chairs. The partnership between the two companies combines sophistication in design with environmentally friendly practices, the main proposal of the launches.

The green resin, produced from sugar cane, has the same characteristics as conventional PE, with the possibility of being used by the traditional recycling chain. The highlight of this resin is the capture of 3.09 tons of CO2 per metric ton produced, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Another differentiator of the green polyethylene is the fact that it is 100% recyclable, that is, everything that is captured remains fixed throughout the product life cycle.

With the same strength, durability and weight of chairs made from fossil plastic, the Jet and Paco lines use Braskem’s I’m GreenT seal, allowing consumers to recognize products made with Green Plastic. To achieve this differentiator of the use of the seal, the pieces must undergo a carbon-14 dating test, the same used to determine the age of fossil materials found across the world. The evaluation is carried out in New York and, to be approved, items are required to contain at least 51% of renewable material.

The Jet and Paco chairs are already available in both online and in physical stores. To find out where to find them, please visitĀ www.tramontina.comĀ .